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Empty Stage

I wanted to eliminate the IPads we were using on  stage and have a professional Teleprompter system.  A fellow band member recommended Judy Ferri.

She brings a display that sits in an enclosure on stage that looks like a monitor wedge and teleprompts from

the side of the stage.

She is a total professional and enthusiastically recommend Judy. 

                                    Jonathan Schnieder

                               Manager & Performer


Judy is the person to call for all of your prompting needs!  From 3,000 seat theaters, to the annual block party.  Judy is well equipped and committed to providing the best prompting service around!

                               Kyle Sullivan

                              The Sulls


20 or more songs within a 2 hour period is tough stuff (no matter how long you’ve been performing). Any professional vocalist will admit that it helps to have someone off stage thinking ahead for you. Judy Ferri is that person for me and so many like me. Though she is talented in more than a few areas, her teleprompter operating skills are unmatched... Always 2 steps ahead and ready for any variable without missing a beat (or lyric)...for both the lead or background vocalists! She’s performing with us... the folks in the seats just can’t see her.

                                              Milton Vann

                Backup vocalist-Darlene Love

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